Great success for the 5th edition with 330 vehicles!

8 Juin 2009 - 5:09pm
 Francesco SaracenoFrancesco Saraceno
 Alvis TC 108G 1957Alvis TC 108G 1957
 VW Bus 23 windows 1962VW Bus 23 windows 1962
 Renault Monasix Torpédo 1930Renault Monasix Torpédo 1930

The 5th edition of the Meeting Oldtimer Valais ended saturday 30 mai in Sion on a successful result.

The day was exceptional with 330 véhicules before 1979. At 11.00 AM already, it was 130 vehicles and that number has grown steadily over the hours to reach 330 at the end of the day.

In a friendly atmosphere, the 2009 edition hosted a wide variety of popular, dream or prestige vehicles. This broad diversity and friendliness that characterize each edition make the success of  the Meeting Oldtimer Valais. Over the years it is becoming increasingly widespread, while remaining simple, free, friendly and attractive.

The presence of the talented singer-songwriter Francesco Saraceno, has contributed to the animation of the event. An awards ceremony ended the day. Three vehicles were given a cup while ten prizes were distributed to participants by lottery.

The 2009 edition hosted the following clubs :

  • VAJ (Véhicules Anciens du Jura) with around 20 vehicules 
  • l'Amicale Porsche Classic from Neuchâtel 
  • l'AVAVA (Association des Véhicules Anciens du Valais) with 20 vehicules 
  • ABCR (Association Bmw Classics Romandie) with 10 BMW between 1960 et 1979

A delegation of the Vevey-Rétro was present to promote their event on 12 and 13 September 2009 in Vevey.

In conclusion, the event was successful and encouraging, so that we can already announce that the 6th edition is scheduled for May / June 2010.

So thank you to all participants, exhibitors and visitors who contributed to the success of the 5th edition and see you next year!

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